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The Emotional Toll of Bankruptcy in Illinois - You Can Handle It

There is no easy way around the fact that facing financial challenges and mounting debt is an immensely stressful situation.  All of us worry about money in one way or another, and, no matter what your financial situation, the mind has a tendency to dwell on the worst case scenario.  Our team of Oak Park bankruptcy lawyers work with many local residents who find themselves backed into a financial corner.  The bankruptcy law exists to help in those situations, often providing a fresh start to get your life back on track.
However, even though bankruptcy laws are ultimately about recovery, there is still immense anxiety and emotional difficulties when going through a bankruptcy.  A recent U.S. News story touched on those challenges and provided some helpful advice for all those working through the process today.

You Can Get Through It
The first step is recognizing that it is normal to be immensely stressed and pressured during a bankruptcy.  That stress can take a toll on a spouse, partner,…